The Mission of MAPA begins with the commitment to build community. That action means nothing without stating unequivocally that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

We are an organization committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.  We are inspired by the courage and commitment of young people, their hope, their optimism, and their sense of justice and fairness. Our children are watching us; they are looking to us to see how we respond.  This is a moment of truth: can we call ourselves inclusive if we remain silent about the injustices taking place in front of our very eyes? We take this moment to declare our truth as an organization and we raise our voices against racism.

MAPA will not tolerate racism in any form.
We pledge to build a community where all are seen and heard.
We pledge to recognize and amplify voices that have been silenced for too long.
We acknowledge that we have not done enough, soon enough.  

We invite our community to join us in the continual process of unlearning and educating ourselves. Please visit the anti-racism resource tab on our website. 

To the members of our MAPA family:  We say now is the time to act.  Stand up.  Speak Out.  Confront racism wherever you see it; in your communities, in your families, in the mirror.

This statement and conversation is the beginning, not the end of our action. 

All of us at MAPA send our love and support to those in the pursuit of Justice.

In Solidarity,

Madison Avenue Performing Arts Board of Directors




Theatre can, and should be, a voice against racism.  As an art form dedicated to bringing people together, theatre allows us to experience other perspectives and reminds us of our shared humanity.  The stories we tell can lead to greater understanding, empathy, and compassion.  As we work to expand the hearts and minds of our audiences onstage, we are working to expand our own hearts and minds off-stage.

We have compiled a list of resources, which is by no means comprehensive.  We encourage you to do your own research, and please reach out to us if you have suggestions on better ways to engage and support… We are always here to listen.

We will continue to update this list and engage our community with action.