Everything But (comedic one-act play)

For students 6th-12th grade (including 2021 graduates)

*students who have just completed 5th grade may participate in either summer show

​Directed by Paul Carter

​Auditions: June 3rd, 5:30 - 7:30 pm @ Spring Hill Civic Center
*Those who are unable to attend auditions will be asked to submit a video audition prior to June 3rd.

Rehearsal Dates/Times: 
June 6th - 10th (approx. 6:00 - 8:30 pm)
June 14th -  16th (approx. 6:00 - 8:30 pm)
June 17th - Performance at 7:00 pm
(following MAPA performance of The Aristocats KIDS)

Location: Spring Hill Civic Center* 401 N Madison St, Spring Hill, KS 
*There is a possibility that the venue for rehearsals and performance may change to a Spring Hill School District building. In which case, new location details will be sent out to all registrants ASAP. 

Registration Fee: $80 (includes a show shirt)

*participation scholarships are available upon request!

SYNOPSIS: The cast of “Everything But” starts the play by taking a company bow. When no one applauds, they comically explain how they decided to have all the pleasant parts of a play—such as the t-shirts, the applause, the costume choices—and none of the unpleasant parts—like the nerve-wracking auditions, the disappointments of the cast list, the memorization. By the time they are done explaining and demonstrating their clever scheme for doing everything but the play itself, the cast can finally take its bow and garner, at last, its well-earned applause.

(Courtesy of Brooklyn Publishers - SEE MORE)

The number of registrants for this production will be capped at a point determined by the production staff. Each registration will be time-stamped as it is received. 

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